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Index 4 darkerThis Anti-Spam Policy covers the following points.

  • Terminology
  • What Spam Is
  • Filtering
  • Communications From Us
  • Unwanted Messages from Us
  • Additional Precautions - Spoof Emails And Links
  • Anti Spam Policy Reviews
  • Anti Spam Policy Updates
  • Anti Spam Policy Date Of Writing


'We' 'Us' 'Our' - Means (Also written as and referred to as: both with and / or without the preceding www

'You' 'Your' - Means You - the person reading this Anti-Spam Policy / Document. The Website visitor.

'Site' 'Website' 'Our Site' 'Our Website' - Means (Also written as and referred to as: with and / or without the preceding www.

'Policy' 'Document' 'This Policy' 'This Document' 'This Anti-Spam Policy / Document' - means this Anti-Spam Policy that You are reading now.

For the purpose of this Anti-Spam Policy: 'Anti Spam' 'Anti-Spam' 'anti-spam' and 'antispam' have the same objective meaning and are interchangeable.

What Spam Is

Spam is electronic messaging typically sent for marketing or commercial purposes that is one or more of the following:

  • Unsolicited messaging / messages
  • Bulk messaging / messages
  • Unwanted messaging / messages
  • Indiscriminate messaging / messages


Our messaging systems scans incoming messages.

Any messages that are identified as, or potentially as spam will be filtered out accordingly.

Communications From Us

There will be times when We will need to communicate with You.

Some of these communications are system generated and includes the following:

  • You request a Username Reminder (via Our "Forgot your username" link)
  • You request a Password reminder / reset (via Our "Forgot your password" link)

Other times that We may need to communicate with You includes the following:

  • You contact Us, or send Us a message - through Our Contact form and We need to reply to You
  • We need to communicate with You regarding Your Account with Us

Unwanted Messages From Us

If You receive one (or more) message(s) from Us that You consider as spam please contact Us through Our Contact form for advice.

Additional Precautions - Spoof emails / links

An email message may appear to come from when in fact it may not come from Us.

If You receive an email containing links be cautious about clicking links.

A link text can easily be created to say anything.

Hovering over the link should reveal where the link points to (where You will be taken / directed to) - if it does not point to where You expect - please report it to Us.

Anti Spam Policy Reviews

This Anti Spam Policy / Document will be reviewed regularly to ensure it remains reflective of current activities.

A review does not neccessarily mean a change has occurred.

If a change takes place the date of the change(s) will be mentioned in the next section of this Anti-Spam Policy / Document.

This Anti-Spam Policy / Document was last reviewed on: 03rd January 2021.

Anti Spam Policy Updates

This Anti-Spam Policy may be updated at any time.

This Anti-Spam Policy was last updated on: 03rd January 2021.

Anti Spam Policy Date Of Writing

This Anti-Spam Policy was originally written on: 02nd January 2021.

Date and Time in San Francisco

The date and time in San Francisco is:

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