Disclosure Statement

This Disclosure Statement explains what benefits, including financial, are received, or may be received, by

Also, this Disclosure Statement tells you where We have an ownership or interest.

Points ListThis Disclosure Statement covers the following points

  • Terminology
  • Paid Content
  • Advertising
  • Affiliate Programs
  • Internet / Google Search
  • Alternative Domain Names
  • Other Internet Interests
  • Disclosure Statement Reviews
  • Date Of Disclosure Statement Update
  • Date Of Disclosure Statement Writing


'We' 'Us' 'Our' - means and refers to with or without the preceding www.

'Site' 'Website' 'this Site' 'this Website' - means and refers to with or without the preceding www.

'You' 'Your' - means and refers to the site visitor, and/or Registered user of

Clarification: and have the same meaning and are interchangeable, with or without the preceding www

Paid Content

Website content on may take various forms, including one or more of the following:

  • Articles
  • Advertising
  • News

Such content might mean We receive a financial benefit.

The level of financial benefit, or whether We do or do not receive a financial benefit, will not determine whether We place content on this website.

Advertising proposes to participate in the Google Adsense Programme.

Under the Google Adsense Programme various website content-based advertisements from Google will, or may, appear on

When a site visitor selects to visit a Google advertisement receives a fee which is paid to Us by Google.

Where such advertisements appear on they will appear in a Module on selected pages with the module titled 'Advertisement'. has a separate advertising specific Advertising Policy

Affiliate Programs is hosted by SiteGround. (Also referred to as: Siteground). contains an Affiliate link in the footer of every page leading to Siteground.

Also, from time-to-time may display one or more image advertisement for (and from) SiteGround - a web hosting provider. These image advertisements may be showing hosting prices in United States of America Dollars ($, US$ USD) and / or other currencies.

When a site visitor selects to visit SiteGround as a result of selecting the Website-hosted-by link, or an image advertisement and follows up with the purchase of a hosting plan, the Webmaster / Administrator receives a fee which is paid to Us by SiteGround.

Such affiliate links / advertisements typically appear in the footer of this website (every page), as well as in 'Modules' titled 'Web Hosting' which will appear on selected pages of this website.

Internet / Google Search

When a Site visitor conducts an Internet Search via an 'Internet Search' box displayed on Our SIte We may receive a Google Search fee which is paid to Us by Google.

Alternative Domain Names

The Domain name for this website is:

Additional domain names are registered to and by the same Registrant as this Website domain name and are set to re-direct to this website.

Note: In the domain names below - capitalisation is used purely to assist in readability.

Domain Re-directs to
* Notes

* Four of the above domain names have been selected deliberately.

This reflects potential and known misspelling(s) of San Francisco as San Fransisco

Other Internet Interests

The operator of also operates the following websites for which there is promotional material on this website.


There is no financial benefit to, or the above domains, for traffic referred between those domains.

Disclosure Statement Reviews

This Disclosure Statement will be reviewed periodically.

A review does not mean that changes have taken place - if any changes have taken place the date of the changes will appear in the next section of this Disclosure Statement.

Date Of Disclosure Statement Update

The date below is the date of the last update to this Disclosure Statement.

The date below is only for changes to content - purely cosmetic changes are not included in this process of stating updates.

This Disclosure Statement was updated on: 26th December 2023

Date of Disclosure Statement Writing

This Disclosure Statement was first / originally written on: 01st January 2021

Date and Time in San Francisco

The date and time in San Francisco is:

Internet Search

Web Hosting


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