Privacy And Cookie Policy

You will be required to explicitly agree to this Privacy And Cookie Policy once registered and logged-in to

This Privacy And Cookie Policy explains:

  • What Information and / or Data We collect
  • Why We collect this information
  • Our use of Cookies

Points ListThis Privacy Policy sets out the following

  • Terminology
  • What Information is collected and Stored
  • Using Your Personal Information
  • Disclosures
  • Security
  • What We Never Ask For Or Store
  • California Consumer Privacy Act 2018 (Summarised)
  • Access To Your Information
  • Deleting Your User Account
  • Cookies Policy
  • Cookies Used
  • Cookie Control
  • User Consent
  • Privacy And Cookie Policy Reviews
  • Privacy And Cookie Policy Updates
  • Privacy And Cookie Policy Date Of Writing

1) Terminology

'We' 'Us' 'Our' - means and refers to

'You' 'Your' - means and refers to the visitor to thsi website, the person reading this Privacy and Cookie Policy, the person registering / registered on

'Site' 'Website' 'this Site' 'this Website' 'Our Site' 'Our Website' - means and refers to:

'Submission' 'Message' - means and refers to any message(s) You send to Us - such as through Our Contact Form.

'this Policy' - means and refers to this Privacy and Cookie Policy.

'Personal Data' 'Personal Information' - refers to and means data, and / or personal information which is used or may be used that can identify You personally.

'CMS' 'Content Management System' - means and refers to the software that Our Website runs on.

Clarification: '' and '' has the same meaning and can be interchanged, with or without the preceding www.

2) What Information Is Collected and Stored

We collect and store Personal Information supplied by You for the purpose of registering on Our website, including:

  • Your Name
  • Your Username
  • Your email address
  • Any other information that You choose to provide
  • Your Password - although You password is not visible to or known by any staff

We also collect and store the following which may or may not specifically have been specified, or inputted by You:

  • The IP address used by You when You registered - this is detected and logged by Our Content Management System (CMS)
  • The date and time You agreed to Our Contact Policy
  • The date and time You agreed to Our Website Terms And Conditions
  • The date You agreed / consented (or not) to Our Privacy And Cookies Policy

When You send Us a Message through Our Contact form We collect and store the following information:

  1. Your Name
  2. Your Username
  3. Your email address
  4. Your unique User ID
  5. The IP address You used at the time of sending Us Your message
  6. The Submission/Message id - a unique ID assigned to Your message when You send it to Us
  7. The Subject of Your message
  8. The content (body)of Your message

3) Using Your Personal Information

We may use Your personal data to:

  • Administer Our Website
  • Provide goods or services that You have purchased through Our Website
  • Send You email notifications that You have requested
  • Send You system generated emails - such as Submission / Message confirmation(s)
  • Reply to Your Submission(s) / Message(s)
  • Deal with inquiries and complaints made by, or about, You
  • Remind You of Your Username (This will be a System generated message as a direct consequence of You asking for a Username reminder via the "Forgot your username" link)
  • Respond to Your request to remind You of, or reset, Your Password (this will be a System Generated message as a direct consequence of You selecting the "Forgot your password" link )

4) Disclosures

We will not, without Your express consent, provide Your Personal information to any third-party for the purpose of direct marketing.

We may disclose personal information about You to Our staff in order to answer / reply-to any message(s) / Submission(s) You have sent to Us.

In addition to the above, We may disclose information about You, without Your express permission:

  • To the extent We are required, or requested, to do so by law
  • In connection with any legal proceedings, or prospective legal proceedings
  • In order to establish, exercise, or defend Our legal rights - this includes providing information for the purpose of fraud prevention
  • To the purchaser, or prospective purchaser, of any part of that We may contemplate selling, or actually do sell

5) Security

Any information that We hold about You will be kept secure.

Our office computer is password protected.

Our website backups are password protected.

Our Website has security software that assists Us in keeping the entire website as secure as is reasonably practicable.

6) What We Never Ask For or Store

We will never ask for or store:

  • Credit/Debit card details (name, number, security digits, expiry date)
  • Bank account details

Requests will never be made asking for the above details in any form whatsoever, including but not limited to:

  • email
  • Conventional mail
  • Telephone
  • Text Message (SMS)
  • Fax
  • In person

Any such requests by any of the above methods should never be entertained as they will not be from Us, and they will not be legitimate.

The only time You will be asked for Your password will be when You are logging-in to

Your password is not accessible to staff in any way whatsoever.

7) California Consumer Privacy Act 2018 (Summarised)

The table below is a summary of Our activities in relation to the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPR) 2018.

You are advised to read Our full California Consumer Privacy Act Document / Statement.

The table below tells you Yes or No as to whether does the following

Statement Answer

Does have an annual gross revenue in excess of $25 million ?


Does buy, receive, or sell - the personal information of any consumers or households ?


Does earn more than half of our annual revenue from selling consumers' personal information ?


Does undertake business in California ?


Does collect, or tell/ask others to collect personal information of consumers who are resident in California ?


Does buy, sell, trade, exchange, offer free gratis, or ask for from third parties  - any Personal Information ?


Google Adsense advertising:

Google will only show non-personalised advertisements on to eligible users in California.

Non-personalised advertisements are based on contextual information, such as the content of


Does collect your name and/or an alias when you register ?


Does collect your email address when you register ?


Does supply details / information on any person, or business, where We are required to do so under the Law(s) of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (UK) ?


8) Access To Your Information

You can get access to information held about You by logging-in to Our website, using Your login credentials and navigating to Your Profile.

Once logged-in to Our website You will have visible to You an "Account" tab in the website mainmenu where You can find links to Your profile, and Your Submissions. In Your Submissions Directory You can view, download, and delete submissions / messages that You have sent to Us.

Submissions and Messages are what You send to Us via Our Contact form. The words: "Submission" "Submissions" "Message" and"Messages" mean the same thing and are interchangeable.

When logged-in You are also able to export Your data by navigating to the 'Account' tab in the mainmenu, selecting 'Consent Options' and navigating to the 'Export your data' button.

9) Deleting Your User Account

You have the right to delete Your User Account on this website. ("Right to be forgotten")

To delete Your Account, when logged-in, navigate to the 'Account' tab in the mainmenu, and select 'Consent Options', go to the 'Excercise Your Data Rights' box and select 'Delete your User Account' button / box.

You should be aware of the following when Deleting Your Account:>

  • Deleting Your Account is irreversible
  • You will lose access to all of Your account information, even if you have paid for it, forever
  • You will no longer be a registered User, effective immediately

Please note that any User Account that has not been accessed (Logged-in to) for a period of 18 months will be deemed Obsolete.

Obolete accounts will be scheduled for deletion.

Deleting Obsolete Accounts will assist Us in maintaining 'Data minimalisation' (Minimal data).

10) Cookie Policy

We use Analytics Cookies on this Website to count the number of visitors to Our Site.

We use Google Analytics on this website. Google Analytics uses Cookies - these Cookies cannot be used to identify You personally.

Google Analytics helps Us to know which pages on Our Website get visited, how long a visitor remains on Our Website, and what device and browser is used by Site visitors as well as the geographical location fo Site visitors.

This information helps Us to deliver a Website, and a good visiting experience that is based on the most popular pages and devices used by Our visitors.

Cookies in general can be classed into one of two groups - 'Persistent' and 'Session'.

Session cookies are typically cleared when You close Your browser.

Persistent cookies usually remain for a longer period of time.

Session cookies are essential for the operation of Our Website - they allow You and Us to log-in and remain logged-in for a period of time. Cookies allow Us to Log-in and carry out essential website maintenance.

11) Cookies Used

This Website uses the following Google Analytics cookies:

  • _ga_DS0JRNCWQC
  • _ga

The above cookies are used by Google Analytics.

_ga_DS0JRNCWQC Used to persist session state. This is a session cookie and is cleared when you delete your browsing history.

_ga is used by Google Analytics to distinguish users. This is a session cookie and is cleared when you delete your browsing history.

We also use a cookie called: cookiesDirective.

The cookiesDirective cookie is used to remember Your cookie preferences.

We also use a cookie called: cpnb_cookiesSettings.

The cpnb_cookiesSettings cookie is used to remember Your cookie preferences.

Our Website Content Management System (CMS) uses Session cookies - these cookies, typically comprising a series of letters and numbers (alpha-numeric) are used to keep You logged in and are unique per logged-in user.

Session Cookies are usually cleared when You clear your browser history.

Session cookies are essential to the correct functioning of Our Website when visitors are logged-in. Session cookies can also be called, or referred to as: Essential cookies and/or Functional cookies.

12) Cookie Control

When You first visit Our Website (after clearing your browser cookies if You have visited before) You are presented with a notification bar where You are able to Accept Cookies or Decline Cookies.

When You Accept Cookies or Decline Cookies the notification bar will no longer appear until, or unless, You clear Your browser history.

For the correct functioning of this Website - such as logging-in - we recommend that You accept cookies.

You can change your choice (Accept Cookies or Decline Cookies) by visiting the Cookie Manager Icon fa fa cookie bite near the bottom-left of all pages on this website.

13) User Consent

In order to use on as a logged-in User You will be rquired to Agree to Our Privacy And Cookie Policy.

Whenever You log-in to You will be presented with Your 'Consent Options' pane / page.

You will be required to provide Your consent at least the first time You log-in.

If You do not provide Your consent, or you withdraw your consent, You will not be able to navigate to User only areas of

If You have not accessed Your Account for at least 180 days it will be marked as 'Obsolete' and will be scheduled with deletion.

To provide or withdraw Your consent at any point other than when You log-in, when logged-in, navigate to the 'Account' tab in the mainmenu, and then select 'Consent Options'.

14) Privacy And Cookie Policy Reviews

This Privacy And Cookie Policy will be reviewed regularly.

A review does not mean that changes to this Privacy And Cookie Policy have occurred - if any changes have occurred, the date of the change will be placed in the next section of this Privacy And Cookie Policy.

15) Privacy And Cookie Policy Updates

This Privacy And Cookie Policy may be updated at any time - this will be to reflect changes in Legal requirements

This Privacy And Cookie Policy was last updated on: 15th January 2022.

15) Privacy And Cookie Policy Date Of Writing

This Privacy And Cookie Policy was originally written on 01st January 2021.

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