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You will be expressly required to agree to this Website Terms and Conditions Document in order to register on

This Document explains Our Terms and Conditions for Your Use of, and Registration on,

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  • Definitions and Interpretations
  • Registration
  • Username
  • Password
  • Website Terms and Conditions Update
  • Your Responsibilities
  • Communications From Us
  • Site Maintenance
  • Third Party Websites
  • Advertising
  • Other Policies
  • Website Terms And Conditions Reviews
  • Website Terms And Conditions Updates
  • Website Terms And Conditions Date Of Writing

Definitions And Interpretations

'We' 'Us' 'Our' - means and refers to

'You' 'Your' - means the person visiting Our Website, the person registering on Our Website, the person reading this Terms And Conditions Document

'this Document' - means and refers to this Website Terms And Conditions Document

'Site' 'Website' - means and refers to

'Your Account' - means and refers to the Account created for You when You register on Our Website;

'Submission' 'Message' - means and refers to a message sent to Us via Our Contact Us form

Clarification: and are the same and interchangeable - each refers to this Website, with or without the preceding www


In order to use certain features of Our Website You will be required to Register on Our Website.

Part of the Registration process requires You to agree to the following Policies, Documents or Statements:

  • Website Terms and Conditions Document;

In order to be able to send Us a Message via Our Contact form You will be required to be Registered on Our Website and logged in.

In order to Register You will be required to undertake the following:

  • Provide Your Name
  • Create a Username
  • Create a Password
  • Repeat Your password
  • Provide Your email address
  • Repeat Your email address
  • Solve the security/captcha puzzle
  • Agree to Our Website Terms And Conditions Document


When You register on Our Website You will create Your desired Username.

Your Username can be one which is memorable and meaningful to You.

However, Your Username should NOT attempt to deceive, for example pretending to be a member of staff.

Any Username deemed to be an attempt to be a member of Our staff, or staff position, will be permanently blocked as will that User's email address.


When You register on Our Website You must create a password.

Your password must comprise of the following minimum requirements:

  • 10 characters including a minimum of:
  • Two numbers (0 - 9)
  • Two uppercase letters (A- Z)
  • One special character (for example ;  :  £  $  %  &  *  (  )  ! )
  • Two lowercase letters (a - z)

Website Terms and Conditions Update

When You login to Our Website You will be presented with a Data Consent panel / page where You will be required to Agree (Consent) to Our Privacy And Cookie Policy in order to navigate to Registered User-only areas of Our Website.

Your Consent can be changed / reviewed as per Our Privacy And Cookie Policy.

Your Responsibilities

You are responsible for the accuracy of any and all information that You provide to Us.

You are responsible for keeping Your login details safe and should not share your credentials with anyone else.

Communications From Us

There will be times when We will need to communicate with You.

Some of these communications are system generated such as when You:

  • Request a password reset - such as when You use the 'Forgot Your Password' facility
  • Request a Username reminder - such as when You use the 'Forgot Your Username' facility
  • Register on this Website
  • Change / alter one or more Profile settings
  • Send Us a message / submission

Other communications are initiated by a member of staff such as when:

  • We respond / reply to a message / submission
  • We need to communicate with You regarding Your Account
Unwanted Messages from Us.

No one likes to receive unwanted or unsolicited messages - neither You nor Us.

In the event You receive one, or more unwanted message(s) from Us which You consider to be Spam please contact Us to let Us know using the contact form giving Us as much information as possible.

We also have an Anti-Spam Policy which explains Our stance on Spam.

Site Maintenance

From time-to-time this Website may be unavailable due to essential maintenance.

Third Party Websites

Our Website may contain links to third party (external) websites - We are not responsible for the content and / or Policies of these third party websites.


We participate in the Google Adsense Advertising program.

The Google Adsense Advertising program allows website owners / administrators to participate in a program whereby Google Adsense advertisements appear on selected pages of a website.

When a site visitor chooses to select an advertisement We may receive a fee from Google.

We have a separate Advertising Policy.

Other Policies

Our website includes other Policies, Statements and Documents including:

  • Disclosure Statement
  • Privacy And Cookie Policy
  • Advertising Policy
  • Anti-Spam Policy
  • Contact Policy
  • Links And Linking Policy
  • California Consumer Privacy Act Document

Website Terms And Conditions Reviews

This Website Terms And Conditions Document will be reviewed at regular intervals.

A review does not mean that changes have taken place - if changes have taken place, the date of the changes will be placed in the next section of this Website Terms And Conditions section.

Website Terms And Conditions Updates

This Website Terms And Conditions Document may be updated at any time.

The latest update date will be entered in this section

This Website Terms And Conditions Document was updated on: February 19th 2021.

Website Terms And Conditions Date Of Writing

This Website Terms And Conditions Document was originally written on: January 01st 2021.

Date and time in San Francisco

In San Francisco it is now:

Pacific Standard Time

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